What will the WORLD miss if YOU don’t pursue your potential?

Some great art?  Your Great masterpiece? or something much more important?

pursuit of color -digital paintin

Bottom Line…The World Needs Your Gifts!

Your creativity and your perception can change the world. The art that you bring to life has an impact on the universe…your dance, your song, your painting, your words…all belong to the world. Every day that you do not pursue your creative potential and then share it, is a day in which something is missing for those who are here to be touched by it.

Profound? Provocative? Poppycock? As an artist who considers every creation as a gift from God and every moment I spend creating as an act of prayer, how could I not believe that there is something far greater than myself involved here?

I start each day with a meditative walk by the Atlantic Ocean. It brings my day into focus and allows me to set an intention for all that I do within my day. I would venture to say that those intentions are what brought you here to read my words and see my art and be affected by it somehow.

What if you knew beyond a shadow of doubt that your work could help uplift, energize or inspire even one person today? I invite you to think about this as you go about your day today…What will the WORLD miss if YOU don’t pursue your potential?

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