Yet Again Make It New

I am taking a class at Jenny Doh’s Creative Lab called Crafting My Best Life. I am in the second week and taking a look at my life journey…next I will try to illustrate it.

In the video today, Jenny shared her favorite poem by Confucius:

As the sun makes it new…Day by day make it new…Yet again make it new

I thank Jenny for sharing this poem as it has a very special meaning for me. As most of you know I spend the early morning in a meditative, mindful walk beside the ocean on my beloved island. It is a time of renewal and deep connection with God, my soul and my spirit. As the sun rises over the ocean making it a new day…I am creating my life anew, yet again!

For me, the new is never fully known…as I am always in the act of getting to know it. The same is true of my art. Each creative encounter is a personal and unique experience on my journey, an individual and memorable poetic triumph of sorts…as each beginning is. I wrote last week of Art being all about starting again and again and again!

I am a pretty in the moment kind of woman. I try to stay present to my now. So taking this walk back in time with CMBL and my fellow students, I see the hints of my past in almost all of  my contemporary innovation. I can see the subtle nuances that shade, highlight and shadow my work.

Even though I am not rooted in the past, it is inextricably linked to all I do and am today. I am enjoying a  new awareness of the unconscious engagement with the past that lies within my work. So there is a renewal and a remembering that threads its way into all the fibers of my life and my art and even the legacy I am creating with Cre8tive Compass.

It is looking at my work with new eyes that brings this deep thoughtfulness today. I honor this attentiveness to the ‘gifts of past’ that are individually mine to savor and share through my art.

There is still time to join us in Jenny Doh’s Crafting My Best Life.

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