Living My Passion

While I was creating yesterday’s post about Joan Louis, I realized that I was exactly in the midst of Living My Passion!!

My heart is full with the sheer joy of knowing I am painting what I hear in my heart. And that, my fellow artists, is exactly what it is ALL about. Experiencing a deep connection with your subject so the need to please even yourself falls away…and you are left with your art!!!

I am blessed to have the ability, every day, to see the moment when the sun first peeks above the ocean and the new day begins yet again. How can I not be in the midst of living my passion?

As the sun makes it new…Day by day make it new…Yet again make it new

It has been a week of epiphanies…special moments where I glimpse the ME I am. The story and the artwork I created for a class open my eyes and my heart!!! And I learned it was all about the applause. The above poem that is so about my life right now. The work I am doing for the woman’s shelter event for Enchanted Makeovers and how I long to be able to do more. Life is a gift box of surprises. The realization that I am going to take this blog in a slightly more self-focused direction. I will be sharing more during the next few weeks.

I have discovered that I am just one inspired creative soul on a journey to Cre8Topia…and I am but a passenger here. Painting, writing and communicating offers a passionate energy to heal my inner soul and an even greater enthusiasm to connect with my true self/voice. I am passionate about helping others embrace the artist within and create a life around their passion…I believe that every dream is possible and possible is everywhere! Movement toward the edge of what’s possible is my new motto!

My Mission/My Legacy

I am on a quest to help artisans find their visual voice, embrace their uniqueness, learn to trust their inner wisdom and then find the courage to share it with the world…and have a blast along the way!!! This is the quest for Cre8Topia!

all photographs and artwork were done by me this week!!

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