Dreams Held…What is the cost if I do this?

What is the cost if I do this?

pen and ink, watercolor doodle fly 1 -REP 2010

I am up early this morning…the beach walk brought deep reflection about my dreams and my path. At times during the past year it may have looked as though I was schizophrenic or fickle as I searched for the true essence of what I wanted to do with Cre8Tive Compass. I started one way…had issues with website ownership…changed direction… rebranded…received negative feedback…changed the look and the focus…almost gave in and gave up…had a looooong talk with myself….resumed course…tweaked…tweaked…tweaked some more….

As a business woman always on my mind is the question, “What is the cost if I do this?” And then it hit me and I realized that there is a much more important question to be wrestled with:

What is the cost if I don’t?

All of the versions of my push-me, pull-you C8C identity crisis were the direct result of listening to others well-intentioned advice…and I know it was weal-intentioned…some even paid for! The one part of the business plan that has been unshakable and steadily growing…the radio shows. The rest…not so much.

The artist interviews that I have conducted over the past six months especially have made one thing crystal clear to me. To be successful as an artist you MUST be true to your creative heart and soul and make your art, your way. Period! Every successful (spiritually, emotionally, creatively, intelligently, physically, socially and financially) artist followed their own path and dreams. They did not attempt to be what they are not…most could not do that if they tried. And money, although it came to them, was not the driving factor in any case.

The act of painting/writing/singing/molding what was in their heart and expressing the feelings held there was the common thread I saw running through them. It was about the dream of creation.

So what is the cost if I don’t find my true voice? if I don’t follow my passion, my dream? if I don’t create a space that is truly me BEing me? The cost will be ambivalence and the foundations of what I hope to build will crumble because I cannot resonate or connect with the people I so want to reach.

This is a result of my fear about not being good enough, my love of research which says, “Give them what they want and need” when I have come to know that you must simply give them YOU, and not sharing until it’s perfect!

My New Mission Statement

I am on a quest to help myself and other artisans find their visual voice, embrace their uniqueness, learn to trust their inner wisdom and then find the courage to share it with the world…and have a blast along the way!!! This is the quest for Cre8Topia!

My to-do list:

  1. I will be more focused on my visual voice…embracing and trusting it…then sharing it with you.
  2. I will be planning my Cre8Topia Retreat and The Artist as a Spiritual Explorer Retreat as live events.
  3. I will be sharing more of my art and art experiments.
  4. I will be teaching more classes.
  5. I will be adding tutorials, freebies, giveaways.

I will be launching another long-held dream within the next few months…Ghosts of Furniture Past. I have owned this web domain and the desire to rescue furniture and small accessories for about six years now. I was going to do this with a friend who has since lost interest in the dream. I allowed her change of direction to knock me off my course for way too long now. So look for this in the next few months.

So, what about you? What dreams are you holding?

I love helping dreamers connect with their deepest held dreams!!!

In invite you, no I dare you to come join Creative Submersion e-course…starting October 10!!! Come join in the fun & find your visual voice!!!

Have you ever wondered what kind of art you should be creating? Do you long to dive into your own personal form of visual expression? Are you searching for that deep, deep connection with your true artistic voice and find the way to use it?  Wait no more…your ship has come in!!!

The mission of the workshop is to set sail on a submarine voyage toward your higher self which allows you to flow into the art that is uniquely your own. Learn to trust that inner wisdom and become the Captain of your workmanship! As we dive into the exercises, we find the treasure that lies deep inside in a way that allows you to excel at your chosen artform. Graduates of this course will be well on their way to finding their visual voice…and have the confidence to use it!!

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