My Art Graces a 2011 Calendar

Here it is…I can finally show you my page (51) in this 2011 calendar. It’s printed and ready to order. I love this design of one of my doodle bugs…a doodle fly!!

Page 51 of 2011 Calendar

It says, in three languages:

see the invisible

feel the intangible

achieve the impossible

The calendar is ready to be ordered…you can order it here.

It was such an honor to be included as a positive message…

This is movement toward the edge of what’s possible for me…for I have struggled with my small fine art pieces for some time now. That inner struggle all artists face when you are unsure about the worth of your art. And I am not just speaking of monetary worth, but the intrinsic worth as a piece of art history.

I was a muralist and a graphic designer for most of my 35-year professional career… dealing with very large paintbrushes and/or a computer mouse and stylus. Picking up a tiny fine art brush is way, way out of my comfort zone and intimidates me still. I had a large visual voice and I was paid well for using it….validation!

So putting my small artwork forth into the world is a giant leap of faith for me. Again working through blessed discomfort. Being accepted, and now published, is validation that I am coming into my own as a fine artist. There is much room for growth, but I am moving toward my new visual voice….and so enjoying the journey.

New WebUcation e-courses for fall:

I am offering the following Do What You Love e-courses:

PhotoShop Designer 2 Mixed Media Explorations a project based class to teach you how to use Blending Modes, Artistic Filters and the fear-producing Selection Tool.

Creative Submersion for Artists wanting to discover their unique visual voice…and then learn to use it. A creative journey inward to find the art of your heart.

The Business of BEing and Artist – If you long to leave your full-time job, this class is for you. If you need to earn some money with your art, this class is for you. If you want to open an online shop, this class is for you. Learn what is involved in starting an art business the proper way.

Blog for Arts Sake!!!- Delve into the hows and why of blogging. If you want to start a blog, this is for you. If you want to be a better blogger, this is for you. Three webinars to answer all your questions from what is involved, what platform is best for you, to making your photos properly and watermarking them.

plus more to come:

Zen Doodling – my take on the art of zentangles…I have been doing what I call henna art for ever…come see what’s different with these

3 beautiful things for today

  1. the sunrise over amelia island
  2. sir chancelot my delightful parson russel terrier
  3. jasmine tea

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