Sunday Inspiration & Artist Mona! on Tonight’s Show

sunrise amelia island florida, 10/3

photo from my morning meditative walk along to ocean…it gives me peace and balance for the day…

Mona Groban on Artistically Speaking

Mona Groban

i will be having giveaways and freebies all month in celebration of my 1 year anniversary of Artistically Speaking Talk Show…tonight we have creative soul, entrepreneur and shop girl Mona Groban

Mona says: No, I don’t paint lady bugs and Teddy bears, and if I did, honey, they would be wearing high heels and have Picasso faces.

Honey, you want art from me? You’ll get style! Girl, I can make your jeans sing like Ella Fitzgerald! You wanna know about my painted mannequins? My mannequins are so hot they have their own space in the personals! And when you hang one of my paintings, your wall will yell “WOW!” Color and pattern is what my work is all about with a splash of humor! You’ll get murals, and objects d’fun such as martini glasses, lamps, and pillows. I do doors. I do walls. I do clothes.

Mona's Shop


Women like shoes….how bout HAND PAINTED SHOES? Let’s take that a step furtherwhat would you say if I told you we do HAND PAINTED COMFORT SHOES! and I don’t mean the comfort shoes that Nana used to wear! We’re talking drop dead, stop people in their tracks…SHOES!

as if amazing shoes were not enough…

We create wearable art using RECYCLED textiles. In other words, the sweater you donated to Goodwill might just become A FABULIZED COAT and your dad’s old shirt could be  re-purposed as a masterpiece that would make PICASSO want to become a cross dresser!

We also carry a huge selection of jewelry, clothing by SACRED THREADS, shoes by  KLOG, fun gift items and ORIGINAL ART. Visit her online shop!!!

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