The Fortune You Need

A candle throws its light into the darkness. In a nasty world, so shines the good deed. Make sure the fortune, that you seek, is the fortune you need.” – Ben Harper, Diamonds on the Inside

rain over Jackxonville from Dames Point Bridge

This quote really made me think about the fortunes I seek versus the fortunes I need. Sometimes what I need is not what I want at all…it feels uncomfortable and is often a life lesson. The above photograph so exemplifies my feelings. You can see the bands of rain over the city…heaven knows we need rain. And through those dark and ominous clouds hanging over the city, shines¬† beautiful rays of sun.

And so it is with my life. When I feel off balance or frustrated and I take the time to stop and listen, I learn the most magnificent lesson…always exactly what I need to learn at that moment.

So often I seek something in my art and creativity that the image or words don’t need. When I step back and let control of what I seek…the magic happens and the work become exactly what it needs to be. It is walking a fine line of creativity where intuition marries creativity to form what I call intuitivity.

Intuitive painting is when I abandon all thought and let my brush go as it wishes…or I just let my fingers type as they will the words that must appear. And my best work happens at these moments.

How about you?

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