Life Stacked Like Alter Stones

be your natural, wonderful self…

Your ability to charm others may be heightened today, and you may wonder if this developing allure is the result of some modification you have made to your physical appearance or a trait that has emerged within you. More likely than not, the enchantment others feel while in your presence is the result of your having revealed your true self. If this idea leaves you feeling vulnerable today, consider that your openness can be a valuable tool in your quest to surround yourself with positive, sincere people. Your honesty coupled with your natural charisma will likely serve you well whenever you are called upon to mingle with others.
Winning over others is easy when we make a real effort to be ourselves no matter our circumstances. Though we may feel that society asks us to wear masks in our many outer-world roles, we can only find out who are true friends and trusted colleagues are by letting our guard down socially. As we interact with others without masks, allowing our natural charm to show through, the people around us are given a bird’s-eye view into our souls. Those who truly care about us and respect us appreciate this new honesty and will honor it by standing by us even when others choose to distance themselves from us. We then know definitively who our real allies are and who we will be able to count on. When you choose to be yourself today, you will discover that your natural allure is enough to help you win friends and bond with associates. -my horoscope from daily ohm

as i step more fully into my authentic self and embrace the path i have been led to follow, i find there is grace and ease to the former confusion and chaos…i have been open, or shall i say opened, during the past two years…layer after layer of protective coating has been peeled back and has slipped away…and, gradually, the me that i am is…

this week at sunrise by the ocean

the following post from September 2007 talks about the beginning of this two years transitioning period…and how my life, every event and every day, is stacked on each other like alter stones…

Fellow My Sacred Life journeyer Milton Brasher-Cuningham here wrote Saturday of author Madeleine L’Engle’s thoughts about “being every age you’ve been at the same time, life stacking itself up like altar stones, our experiences singing out in chorus rather than speaking one at a time.” It so touched my soul at this moment…

Do you feel every age that you have been? I deeply feel that stacking of my life…layer upon glorious layer…day upon day…year upon year…age upon age…growing…joining…fusing into the blessed woman I am today.

It is amazing how one statement can touch our heart…Milton, and Madeleine through him, reached out and touched my soul so completely…IT MAKES SENSE…so much sense that I feel enriched and wise and blissfully stacked…like the metaphor of the alter stones of my life…one resting upon another…stacked purposefully and lovingly by my creator…not straightly stacked…or even neatly stacked…how ever they are stacked, they form me…just as I am…strong yet, fragile…ME!!!

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