Rules are…

I am in the middle of teaching a PhotoShop class for Mixed Media artists. I keep saying there are no rules…no right or wrong in your art. But is that true?

sing-digital painting from original art, textures and photos

What about the Golden NumberThe Golden MeanThe Law of ThirdsThe Rule of Thirds…etc.

So what about artistic freedom…artists making their own rules. Well into the nineteenth century, artists were bound to certain ‘rules of art.’ Art theorists laid down the rules, academies taught them to apprentices and students. Even in classical antiquity there were texts describing the rules of art because artists were painting history.

I invite you to look into your own art. Is there any place that you are so caught up in what you believe the rules to be, that you are not allowing yourself to create full out?

Play along with me…Imagine that you were to give yourself permission to look beyond what you think are the rules. Walk to the edge of what is possible with me. Might there just be something brilliant or expansive or freeing that could come forth?

I invite you to be open to the possibilities for a few minutes each day this week. Then let me know what happens.

As a further challenge…try this in your life! Is there a place that you are so caught up in rules (your own or others) that you are not allowing yourself to live your life to the max?

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