Monday Marketing Minute #19 Who Owns Your Art?

Monday Marketing Minute Let’s look at who you are targeting as potential buyers and collectors of your art. Are you focusing on your existing customers and collectors or trying to find new ones?

Studies show that it costs 5 to 7 times more to find new customers than to maintain existing ones.

Do you have a way to capture those people who come to your website? Do you have a database of every person who has ever purchased a piece of your art with their contact info? Do you have any idea who owns your art?

From this day forward, have some system in place to capture those names and addresses:

  1. A simple button on your website or blog to capture e-mail addresses by subscribing to your newsletter
  2. When doing an art show, make sure that you get the address and hopefully the e-mail address of everyone who enters you booth…and record it as soon as you get home
  3. Do the same for every person who purchases your art through PayPal, eBay, ETSY, etc.

Today it is easier than ever to drive buyers and collectors to your online sales venues with social media marketing. It’s your front door and what customers most often see. And it is mostly free, except for your time. You would be crazy not to take advantage of this venue for marketing today and put your best foot forward!

Remember, your website is a required destination for anyone to find you by searching through Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as those who hear about you by word of mouth. When you want to find out about something or someone today, don’t you use the Internet to search?

Action Steps:

1. Take a look at your marketing strategy as the year draws to a close.
2. Rethink social media.
3. Decide to Build a Blog or Build Your Existing Blog

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Monday Marketing Minute #19

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