Dear Santa I Need a New Camera

my camera is dying and i will miss her greatly…i have taken her everywhere with me for several years now…can’t imagine walking out the door without her!!! she has served me well and taken some amazing photographs…it has helped me chronicle my life moments and brought pleasure to many…I believe…I believe…I believe!!!

My post on Cre8Tiva’s Blog 9/8/2007 when she was new!!!

My New Digital Wonder Camera allows me to share my world with you…

This was my teacher’s display piece at John C. Campbell Folk School…a marbled, grained, and gilded box…the amazing thing is that I took this photo through glass….

That’s right…my new digital camera…Olympus 740 Stylus 7.1 megapixels…has 27 different settings…from museum to underwater…from sunsets to fireworks… I am in love…..

picture from

It has 5x optical zoom with Digital Image Stabilization. It has all-weather seals and gaskets so it’s splash-proof, dust-proof and ocean-spray-proof and has Bright Capture Technology. The 2.5″ LCD screen is large enough to see. And it records 30 minutes of video with sound. And it fits in my pocket!!!

Some shots from her through the years…

snowy egret outside my studio window 10/2010

sunrise just peeking 4/2010

Perogee moon over ocean 1/2009

heart in hands shadow 2/2009

heron fish in mouth 11/2008

sea oats 10/2008

heart shells 11/2007

palm fronds 11/2007

So Santa, you can see that I really need a camera. I use it for my work and my art. I’ve been a good girl this year…

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