a wonderer full of wonder-lust and wonderment!!!

ANDREA MORRISON, wonder why gal, has a wonderful blog called wisdom begins in wonder…i really was inspired by the title this morning. She is having a Black Friday blog hop…so go see what’s up with fibers!!! after you read and comment on this post first!!!

Dream Doer Friday is about my dream…i am a a life-long wonderer…not wanderer although i do have an affinity for new places…but a wonderer!!! a questioner, curious, inquiring, a wide-eyed seeker inquisitive beyond bounds…the two-year-old who asked ‘why’ until her parents went mad!!!

yes…that is moi!!! who has grown into a a wonderer full of wonder-lust and wonderment!!! always seeking that which is amazing…always in movement toward the edge of what’s possible…

With the moon still high in the western sky, i watched the sun rise over the Atlantic this morning… and i reflected

the qualities that make me an artist (curious, experimental, exploratory, fact-finding, inquiring, inquisitive, penetrating, seeking, sharp, studious) also make me a good journalist talk show interviewer and, as my children refer to me as…a MacGiveresque Renaissance Woman!!!

i live every moment of this one amazing life in amazement, admiration, astonishment, awe, bewilderment, concern, confusion, consternation, curiosity, doubt, empathy, fascination, incredulity, marveling, perplexity, puzzlement, reverence, shock, skepticism, stupefaction, surprise, wondering and wonderment…

somewhere between the moon and the sun i realized i was born to be amazed, admire, be astonished, be awestruck, be confounded, be dumbstruck, be fascinated, be flabbergasted, be startled, be taken aback, to marvel at and to ponder and to explore the world around me….and teach others to do the same

digital self-portrait 2010 Me Myself & Eye

the above self-portrait, created in my PhotoShop mixed media e-course, is personifies the seeker, explorer, wonderer…and that restless spirit that is always in transition and always growing.

so the dream for this dream doer is all about movement toward the edge of what’s possible this season…after a month of reflection (an annual take-stock retreat i hold each November) i have decided to do 3 things as i move forward:

  1. return to my roots and concentrate on digital mixed media art (PhotoShop, faux & fibers)
  2. repurpose & reposition Cre8tive Compass Magazine to combine the mag and blog into one
  3. breathe new life into Cre8Tiva and resume the journey to Cre8Topia

i am going to follow my inner wisdom coupled with the wisdom i learned from the successful artists who have been on Artistically Speaking Talk Show and FAMM live this year…and i am going to wonder forth

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