Monday Marketing Minute #23

Monday Marketing MinuteAre you ready for a change in 2011? Do you want to sell more art, take more classes, do more shows, find a gallery to sell you art?

All these things are possible with a little know how and imagination. Do you have the know how?

Why not hire a business coach to help you?

Does Coaching Work?

People seeking coaching are self-guided, so the answer is yes. In order to make a good match between what you want out of the coaching experience and the person who can guide you throughout the coaching process, you will need to be cautious and ask good questions.

How to know if you need a mentor or coach…

People seek out coaches for many reasons. The people we coach are usually working through some significant transition in their life or career and believe that something is holding them back. The most valuable results of the coaching experience are: brainstorming, another viewpoint, encouragement, and being accountable to the coach.

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy and it’s not business strategy. You will do the work. The coach guides by asking the right questions that help the client figure out what behavior needs to change and how best to change it. You will learn to engage in authentic conversations and self-assessments to know yourself better.

Make Business Coaching part of your 2011 Marketing Strategy.

Coaching Programs for Artists who are Ready to Make a Living Doing What They Love

Coaching & Mentoring Program for Artists

Are you ready for a change?

Do You Want More…


Invest in Yourself…Today!

Learn What You Didn’t Learn in Art School or Life School

My Students Practice What I Teach

Rebecca E. Parsons guides creative and indie artist entrepreneurs toward doubling your ROI (Return on Imagination) and to attract more clients. And not just any clients…Your IDEAL Clients/Collectors… (the kind who pay you gladly, stay loyal to you as long as you have art they want, and happily refer you to other people). The bottom line is: I help artists earn an income, if that is what they desire.

I know how to build your business and help you make a living doing what you love…I am doing it right now!!!

Blogging Programs

Today it is easier than ever to drive buyers and collectors to your online sales venues with social media marketing. It’s your front door and what customers most often see. And it is mostly free, except for your time. You would be crazy not to take advantage of this venue for marketing today and put your best foot forward!

Remember, your website is a required destination for anyone to find you by searching through Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as those who hear about you by word of mouth. When you want to find out about something or someone today, don’t you use the Internet to search?

Action Steps:

1. Take a look at your marketing strategy as the year draws to a close.
2. Rethink social media.
3. Decide to Build a Blog or Build Your Existing Blog

Need Help?

Blog for Arts Sake A 3-session teleseminar and e-book.

Take a look at Here Today, Blog Tomorrow…The Original Build a Blog Workshop $398

You will have a your own custom blog website in 4-hours. The program walks you through the process of setting up a blog on any platform, customizing it with widgets and plug-ins, uploading photos, writing posts, etc. A 3-hour training program to get you started on the right foot.


My other Build a Blog coaching and Mentoring Programs

Monday Marketing Minute #23

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