Welcome to Cre8tive Compass

Movement toward the edge of what’s possible is my motto!

I believe that everything is possible and that possible is everywhere You are!

The Blog and weekly Talk Show are my gifts to artists, artisans and craftspeople…all creative souls. The edge of what’s possible is Cre8Topia in my world and I invite you to join the quest!

As a 6-figure artist for many years, I understand what it takes and will openly share my journey, my creative joys and struggles…yep, everything I know along with the best wisdom of other successful artisans who ROCK the world with their art!

As a coach to many artists, some of my posts will provide guidance in a positive, encouraging and nurturing environment with the intention to help you find your artistic voice and grow a business around it.

I invite you to ask questions and submit your ideas. I, in turn, will do my best to answer you based on my knowledge and experience. If you would like a more personal interchange with me through my coaching program, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 10 minute live session. Just click the Work with Me tab above after you read the following!

My Mission

I am on a quest to help artisans find their visual voice, embrace their uniqueness, learn to trust their inner wisdom and then find the courage to share it with the world…and have a blast along the way!!! This is the quest for Cre8Topia!

The Cre8Tive Compass Manifesto…

We are in this together…artists finding a way to make a living doing what we love…

Myth Buster #1: You do not have to be starving to be an artist!

Myth Buster #2: You do not have to compromise your ideals to promote your art!

Myth Buster #3: You do not need an agent or gallery representation to make money with your art!

Myth Buster #3: You do not need to wait to be discovered!

Myth Buster #5: Some artists do not want/need to make money with their art!

Believe that you have something to say with your art!

Are you enthusiastic and hopeful that you will somehow, someday find success as an artist?

Are you working very hard to be discovered or even noticed as an artist?

Do you have boundless creative energy to create with no energy or desire to market your art?

YOU, the artist, needs only three things to make a living doing what you love:

  1. a clearly shaped and defined artistic voice that adds value to the universe
  2. a focused direction knowing your destiny is in your hands
  3. a vision for your creative pursuits that does not involve waiting to be discovered

The blog is about the how to get our art and our life where we want it to be..a virtual WEBucation to show YOU, the artisan who likes to color outside the lines, how to use your creativity to manifest an income and a life without being salesy, pushy or compromising your ideals.

It is about creating art history.

It is for very creative people who have incredible ideas, but don’t always know how to turn your ideas into financial sustainable entities.

It is about taking your art and your future into your own hands and learning to Curate You! (my new book January 2011). And it is about taking your art to the next level…what ever that may be!

It is for those just exploring the idea of making art.

It is for those who want to supplement their income.

It is for those who want to quit their day job and become a full-time, self-employed artisan.

It is for painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, creative writers, actors, directors, dancers, singers, musicians—and some who defied categorization.

Your talent is your gift to be shared with the world. In order to keep doing what you love you must be able to purchase art supplies, have the time to create and take workshops. All of these take money…money you can earn with the work of your hands. I will show you how!!!

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